Catalyst Temp!

Catalyst Temp!

In addition to permanent and contract recruitment, Catalyst provides temporary recruitment for the events industry!


What exactly is a Temp?

  • Temporary staff are usually hired through a recruitment agency and the recruitment agency is responsible for paying all wages, superannuation and on costs for the employee
  • There are many forms of temporary employees, but casual is the most common form
  • The employment relationship with the temp lies with the recruitment agency. Therefore the recruitment agency is actually the employer of the temp


How Catalyst Temp can help you?

  • Our events professionals can provide you with a cost effective way to deliver your events!
  • Our staff can assist you delivering short term event roles
  • More work on than expected? Our staff can assist you through these busy peaks
  • They can fill in for an absent member of your staff or holiday breaks
  • Provide you with in-demand skills as required


What are the benefits of using a Catalyst Temp?

  • In addition to filling a temporary employment need, you can evaluate the need for specific positions before committing to the costs of a permanent new employee within your team
  • You can optimise the delivery of your events with a strategic mix of permanent and temporary employees
  • Reduction in costs associated with hiring, training and administering permanent staff
  • Catalyst staff undergo Workplace Health & Safety training inductions prior to commencing work with you
  • You can fill a role at short notice


How are temp rates determined?

  • The Client charge rate is the overall cost for the provision of the employee
  • Catalyst are responsible for paying the candidates hourly wage, superannuation contributions, works compensation insurance, professional indemnity and other insurances, group and payroll tax and other statutory expenses


Call us on (03) 9699 3081 or email us at to talk to us about Catalyst temp! We look forward to hearing from you.