We value your feedback. Please see below what some of our Clients and Candidates think of our services:


“Catalyst were very efficient and helpful. Every member of staff was responsive and provided amazing customer service. I am very grateful for them providing help and assistance. I will continue to recommend you.” – Saima Siddique, placed by Catalyst at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) as their Marketing, Communications & Partnerships Coordinator.


“Catalyst are open, honest and presented the job accurately. They were invested in finding a suitable placement for me, which was really encouraging. I was absolutely confident and they went overboard to find the right role for me and my skill set. Thank you for going above and beyond to find a role that not only suited my level of experience, but also offered me an opportunity to expand myself professionally, whilst working in a collaborative and inclusive workplace. The whole experience was beyond my expectations.” – Sally Clark, placed by Catalyst on contract at the Australian Human Resources Institute as their Conference Manager.


“Catalyst was excellent and detailed. They were very supportive and provided detailed instructions on the role, which was much appreciated. I will continue to recommend you.” – Jean Ciancio, placed by Catalyst at Shoot the Moon as their Executive Producer – Conferences & Events


“Catalyst were very informative. They really understood what my expectations were. I wanted to be supported and be in an environment where I could build my skills, and showcase my strengths with a nurturing team. This company is exactly that, and I look forward to growing in the company. Keep doing what you are doing.” – Eleni Ragogo, placed by Catalyst at ICMS Australasia as their Senior Events Coordinator.


“Catalyst is supportive, understanding and very professional. They knew the role was ideal for me and communicated this well. They knew my strengths; I was impressed they were able to match me to this role and their insights. I am thankful for this opportunity. It is an excellent fit and the perfect job for me.” – Leanne Waller, placed by Catalyst at Maths Pathways as their Events Coordinator.


“The entire recruitment process was quick and they were very transparent. Catalyst kept me informed of the entire process. I felt very confident that Catalyst were understanding my level of experience, my expectations for my next role and were finding the right fit for me. Thanks for helping me secure a role within the events industry and being patient in securing this awesome role for me.” – Lavisha Kapoor, placed by Catalyst at the VET Development Centre as their Event Coordinator.


“All of the Catalyst staff were incredible and persistent in their endeavours to place me! I can’t thank them all enough. Always proactive in seeking job options to present to me, that would most certainly be in line with what I was looking for. Always providing as much information as possible for each job presented, including articulating every responsibility and KPI required. I would 100% recommend to my network. I really appreciate the time and effort spent in finding the best role for me. The tips on how to approach each interview, investing many hours into our relationship and negotiating with the company were invaluable.”– Anita Balint placed by Catalyst at the VACC as their Senior Events Manager.


“From initial contact, Catalyst successfully placed me in a role within a couple of weeks. Catalyst consistently supported me in my applications and advised me about the roles that were best suited. Catalyst went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provide an approachable but professional service. The recruitment process was amazing. Catalyst are professionals and extremely committed and knowledgeable. They managed to turn the recruitment process into such a pleasant experience and took the pressure away from me to allow me to better focus on the opportunity at hand.” – Paola Feliu placed by Catalyst at HealthEd as their Junior Events Coordinator.  


“I was excited about the role when Catalyst contacted me. The role seemed like a challenge but something that I was up for. Catalyst helped me understand the role more. I felt that Catalyst always had me in mind.  I have recommended Catalyst to my friends and colleagues in the industry. They are the leading events recruiter in Australia. The team are professional and friendly and it was a pleasure to work with them.” – Robyn Gardner placed by Catalyst at Staging Connections as their Event Staging Manager – Queensland.


“Catalyst was very efficient. They found me a role that piqued my interest.”– Mandy Wong, placed by Catalyst at Etouches as their Production Coordinator on contract.

Transport_Heritage_NSW_logo“Catalyst was quick and efficient. I felt that Catalyst was really on the ball and kept me up to date. I was confident that they had the interest of both parties, asking me about my skills and experience in order to match me with the right role. I would recommend Catalyst to my network.”– Ha Thi Bui placed by Catalyst at Transport Heritage NSW as their Marketing & Communications Officer on contract.


“Catalyst was amazing! I was provided with great detail about the role and the organisation. They had great communication with me throughout the entire process. I felt very confident it was a great fit for me. I will definitely recommend to my network.” – Charlotte Black placed by Catalyst at the Property Council of Australia as their Events Coordinator, National Conferences.


amex_bluebox“Catalyst were really clear and smooth with their recruitment process. The relationship was good, as I had been placed in a contract role with Catalyst in the past. I am recommending Catalyst to my friends and network” – Lisa Hui placed by Catalyst at American Express Global Business Travel as their Sales Manager – Meetings and Events.


“It was surreal because the timing of Catalyst’s contact was perfect. The first discussion was very informative and I felt quite comfortable. Catalyst was fantastic! They were extremely helpful and supportive and knew every question that I had for them. Their contact was regular and prompt. Everything was very organised and on the spot. I have recommended to APPEA to use Catalyst for all their recruitment!” – Georgia Toirkens placed by Catalyst at the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) as their Senior Officer – Events Administration.


“The process was very quick and smooth. I was given the brief overview of the role and understood what the role was asking for. Catalyst worked very fast to make it all happen and within a week or so, I was successful. Catalyst understood what I was after. I will definitely recommend Catalyst to others. Great service, prompt responses and very professional. ” – Donna Viengkham placed by Catalyst at Staging Connections as their Event Staging Manager.


“Catalyst gave a very clear explanation of the role and the process. I had not had a job interview for over 20 years so I appreciated the guidance from Catalyst. I have recommended Catalyst to some of my previous clients.” – Julie Allen placed by Catalyst at Waldron Smith Management as their General Manager, Conferences.

MAVlogo“Catalyst were excellent. They were very informative and straight to the details of the job. Catalyst were very professional and made sure I was kept up to date with communications.” – Jacqui Diamond placed by Catalyst at The Mathematical Association of Victoria as their Events Manager.


“I always find Catalyst very thorough in conversation. They relay the information on the role, organization, the culture etc. I always felt that I understood what the role entailed and that it would be a good fit for me both professionally and personally. Catalyst knew the kind of position I would be interested in, as well as qualified for. I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to my network.” – Kylie Bierman, placed by Catalyst at Diversified Communications as their Conference & Event Manager on contract.


“Catalyst were very responsive and provided as much detail as possible about the role. Catalyst were very friendly and asked several questions in order to understand my skills and suitability for the role.” – Roberta D’Antonio placed by Catalyst at WorldSkills Australia as their Marketing Coordinator on contract.


“Catalyst are always very detailed. They have been very professional, encouraging, supportive and helpful. I will recommend Catalyst to my network” – Sona Swindley placed by Catalyst at ICE Australia as their Conference Manager.


“The recruitment process was positive. I had a good relationship with Catalyst. I would definitely recommend.” – Lisa Lavigne, placed by Catalyst at cievents as their Accommodation Manager.


“I felt the process was efficient, comfortable, appropriate and helpful. It was the best recruitment process to date I have experienced. I appreciated the sincere and positive conversations, I felt comfortable and trusted the process. I was impressed in how fast the turn around was on any pending communication and Bonnie and Kate were extremely personable, thank you. ” – Kelly Birch, placed by Catalyst at Carrspace as their Production Coordinator.


“Catalyst were thorough and encouraging. They were extremely supportive and were very responsive. They had excellent follow up and held my hand throughout the entire process. Thanks for everything.” – Brielle Pope, placed by Catalyst at The Conference Room as their Senior Event Manager. 


“Catalyst were very detailed and explained the role very well. They were very efficient and quick. Catalyst were friendly and I was very confident they understood my experience and expectations. Great service.” – Mala Fitzsimons, placed by Catalyst at The Property Council of Australia as their Event Manager – National Conferences on contract. 


“Catalyst were very detailed and were very open from the beginning. The recruitment process was seamless; they came straight back to me with any feedback. Absolutely would recommend.” – Yvonne Jenkins, placed by Catalyst at BI Worldwide as their Business Development Manager. 


“Catalyst was very informative about the company and the role. They were extremely helpful and available to answer any questions, emails and calls very promptly. It was a very smooth and efficient process. They took the time to get to know my background, skills and career ambitions and find suitable positions for me. This is definitely one of the best experiences I have had when dealing with recruitment agencies, a very personalized service and the consultants actually care! I have already recommended you.” – Samantha Lang, placed by Catalyst at Beacon Events – IMARC as their Marketing Manager. 


“Catalyst was professional and dedicated. They were organized and efficient and they went beyond the usual expectations of a recruitment agency and were really interested to find out who I was, so that my placement was the best suited.  – Courtney Brazel, placed by Catalyst at George P.Johnson as their Production Accounts Assistant.


“Catalyst covered all the information extensively and provided good on time feedback through each step. I would definitely recommend Catalyst. Thank you for your persistence.” – Paul Phelan, placed by Catalyst at Beacon Events  – IMARC as their National Sales Manager.


“The discussion was good and detailed. The process was smooth and Catalyst was always on top of the job. During the interview process, Catalyst always kept me informed of the interview details and sent me materials to prepare. I felt that the process was personalized and tailored for me. Catalyst were friendly and always in contact to discuss the next steps. Catalyst did an amazing job, from the moment they initiated the contact with me until the last stage of the hiring process. Highly recommend, 100%. Thank you once again for all your help and support, you guys are very professional. “ – Mohamad Jourieh, placed by Catalyst at FST Media as their Senior Conference Producer.


“I found Catalyst really helpful and informative which was great. When you are on the other side trying to work out what your next step is, it is really nice to know that you guys are trying to get the role across the line. I was kept informed at all stages of the process. Yes, I would recommend Catalyst to my friends and networks.” – Cassandra Hargreaves placed by Catalyst at George P. Johnson as their Program & Marketing Strategist for IBM APAC.


“It is reassuring to know that there is a recruitment agency with the experience and contacts in the niche of events professionals. Catalyst were extremely efficient, understood the requirements of the role and the type of person that we were looking for. In addition, they had the connections within the events sector to quickly provide a quality shortlist of candidates. We would definitely use Catalyst again and are recommending your services. Catalyst are friendly, professional, quick and cost effective.” – Mandy Browne, Netball World Cup Sydney 2015 (Netball Australia), Head of People & Culture.



“Catalyst were very informative and helped me in understanding the role. Was nice to have someone to feedback on how it all went after the interview as well. I am definitely recommending Catalyst to my friends. Thanks for everything.“ – Penny Lambert placed by Catalyst at George P. Johnson as a Project Coordinator (Temp).

“Catalyst were very friendly and explained the role thoroughly to me. The recruitment process was 10/10 Excellent! The service was exceptional. They made me feel very confident putting me forward for the role and always kept in touch with me at each stage. They were always happy to help or answer questions at any time. I believe they did an amazing job in pairing me to this role. At the end of the day I got the job! I would absolutely recommend Catalyst. Thank you once again for your guidance and support. You are the leaders in what you do and I would be more than happy to recommend friends and colleagues to utilize your service – well done!” – Sharon Hutchings placed by Catalyst at Exhibitions & Events Australia as their Sales Manager – Exhibitions.

AMEX“Catalyst was very approachable and fast to respond. Feedback was gathered from me at all stages, and how I was feeling about the interviews. I was very happy with the service and would absolutely recommend Catalyst.” – Abbie Bloomcamp placed by Catalyst at AMEX as their Event Coordinator – Contract. 

eventful_logo“Catalyst was very informative, friendly and approachable. Catalyst ensured the role was a perfect fit. The entire process was a positive experience. I definitely felt that I was in the right hands to find the perfect job. I felt completely at ease and confident going into the interview process. The organization I am now working for couldn’t have been a better fit and I don’t believe I would have been able to find this role searching independently. Catalyst made this happen! I would definitely recommend Catalyst to my friends in the industry. Catalyst’ patience and positive attitude towards finding employment for me in the events industry put me at ease in such a competitive environment.” – Peggy-Maree Kalatzis placed by Catalyst at Eventful Meetings & Events as their Conference Coordinator.

eventful_logo“Catalyst was very thorough and the role was covered in detail. I had a great relationship with my consultant. I felt that I could be very open and honest about my role expectations and my experience. I would definitely recommend Catalyst to my friends, as they were excellent to work with in helping me find my ideal role.” – Sarah Parsons placed by Catalyst at Eventful Meetings & Events as their Event Manager.

medical-meeting-logo“Catalyst was excellent! They were able to tell me about the role so I knew it was suitable. I was kept up to date at all times on the status of the recruitment process. They discussed the role in detail with me and I had a thorough understanding of what I was applying for. I was very impressed with the communication, with helping me prepare for the interview and with touching base right beforehand and afterwards. Thank you!” – Rebecca Herriot placed by Catalyst at Medical Meetings as their Event Manager.


“The discussion for my new role went really well and I was excited about the possibility of being hired for the role. Catalyst was really helpful, provided consistent assistance and advice throughout the entire process. Catalyst was very professional and were willing to help me through everything. Catalyst even assisted me on the weekend with questions and queries I had with regards to the recruitment process. I would definitely recommend Catalyst to anyone who I knew was looking for work in the events industry. I would like to thank Catalyst for all their work and assistance. I have been given an opportunity to excel my skills in the events industry and now I am getting the most amazing opportunity. Thank you again!” – Deolinda Moreira, placed by Catalyst at a leading events agency in Melbourne as their Registration Coordinator.
logo “Catalyst was very impressive. They were very knowledgeable of the area, therefore made the recruitment process a lot easier. Catalyst were very patient with a lot of matters, I appreciated the contact and thank them for filling the role with such a great candidate!” – Kim Peatling, The Langham Hotel Melbourne, Human Resources Manager.
pca_logo_sharp“I briefed Catalyst of my requirements and they provided me with good candidates in a timely manner. I will use Catalyst again.” – Antoinette Perera, Property Council of Australia, Director National Conferences.
pca_logo_sharp“I applied for the role of Event Coordinator via Catalyst’s website. I found the role was explained in thorough detail and the Catalyst team were helpful and very supportive every step of the process. They gave excellent advice and were friendly. I would recommend Catalyst!” – Keirly Burgess, placed by Catalyst at the Property Council of Australia as their Event Coordinator.
solution-red“Our new staff member is a perfect fit. Can I say that the service that Catalyst has provided has been stress free and your guidance has been invaluable.  Solution RED has not used a recruiter in the past but be assured, it won’t be the last time we use Catalyst. We will certainly recommend that our associates take the same journey with Catalyst when they are looking to employ industry professionals.” – Rhona Walker, Solution Red, Managing Director.
Harry-The-Hirer“The recruitment process was great, lots of feedback and follow up. Catalyst understood my situation and the need to fit me in a role to get me started.” – Vicky Jones, placed by Catalyst at Harry the Hirer as their Project Sales Executive – Contract. 
macquarie-uni“I found all the team whom I dealt with at Catalyst, to be extremely professional in their approach and working with them was an absolute delight. They were very attentive and assured me throughout the process. They understood my experience and goals for future employment. I would absolutely have no issue in recommending Catalyst and their team to anyone that I speak with. I myself will look to work with them again in the future when the time arises.” – William Marshall, placed by Catalyst at Macquarie University as their Senior Events and Catering Coordinator.
John College “I honestly can’t provide any feedback for improvement as the service was amazing. You found us and it was great! Your fees are amazing, you get to know your applicants to better recommend for interviews which helps the employer and FRIENDLY team of ladies you are!! Should we ever need assistance again, I will most definitely give you a ring to see if the position we have is in your field of placement.” – Alicia Jeffrey, John XXIII College – Australian National University, Business Manager – Associate of Management Business & Finance, Diploma Human Resource Management, Associate of Science  

Wyndham-City-Council“I can’t speak highly enough of Catalyst. From the very first phone call, Catalyst was spot on with their interpretation of what I was looking for in my next role. Their attention to detail and friendly professional manner, whilst discussing and looking into various roles was just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Catalyst to find your dream job and to any business that is looking to recruit staff. Once again thank you for your help!” – Jayne Butler, placed by Catalyst at Wyndham City Council (VIC) as their Events Coordinator (Head of the Events Department).
ADMA“Catalyst took the time to truly understand what we were looking for and only forwarded candidates that fitted the brief. We will use Catalyst again.” – Matthew Dean, ADMA, Director of Events & Partnerships.
G20-logo“The recruitment process was extremely professional throughout. Catalyst was in regular contact and ensured I was adequately briefed and informed on the requirements of the role to give me the best opportunity to perform well at the interview. Catalyst proved their willingness to go the extra mile to help. I am always ready to recommend good people and good operators amongst my friends and networks, and Catalyst definitely deliver. I hope that Catalyst is able to continue to grow and provide such great service to myself and other candidates in the future.” – Candidate, placed by Catalyst at the G20 Summit Brisbane 2014.


“Catalyst was very professional and motivating. They believed in me from the first moment we spoke. The process was very smooth and quick and they kept me up to date with all the information and decisions made by the client. Catalyst had my best interests in mind while finding me the role. Catalyst was very professional and pleasant. Thanks again for helping me find my new role!” 
“My initial conversation with Catalyst was great. They asked me questions about my work history and were friendly and professional from our first discussion. Very good, great communication and all bases covered. Catalyst is very professional and friendly. They know what they are talking about and treat you with respect. Thank you.” 
“I found Catalyst friendly and informative. Catalyst kept me up to date & in the loop throughout the whole process. Thank you very much for keeping my details on file & contacting me. I am super happy in my new role & so glad to be back in the 5 star world.”
“Catalyst are very professional and the recruitment process was stress free! Catalyst are the perfect recruiter for events professionals, as they understand the events industry implicitly, they are very skilled at what they do. If I was ever in the market for work again, I would contact Catalyst before anyone else.”
“Thank you for your great support. You have been really wonderful in helping me achieve the best possible outcome and ultimately my future. From the pay advice, interview briefs and your knowledge of the client and industry; really couldn’t have done it without you! I will be telling friends in the events industry to definitely sign up with Catalyst should they require employment assistance in their event management careers.”
“My initial discussion with Catalyst was very informative. I found the entire recruitment process very comfortable and I trusted Catalyst. Catalyst made the process as stress free as possible. Their follow-ups were of a high standard! My relationship with all the staff was great and it was a thoroughly positive experience. I would definitely recommend Catalyst!”
“Catalyst was very professional and provided me with genuine advice in regards positions that suited my experience. It was a delightful experience and I am very grateful for what Catalyst has been able to do to assist me in finding employment.”
“I was recommended Catalyst by a colleague. The recruitment process was great. I will use Catalyst again.”
“Thank you so much for all your help in employing our Senior Events Manager and for providing some excellent candidates for us to choose from. We look forward to working with Catalyst again!”
“Things are going fantastic with our new employee. The candidate is fitting in really well and the team have responded very positively, as have the internal stakeholders. I am very pleased to be taking maternity leave knowing that the team is in great hands.”
“Its wonderful to finally have an events recruitment agency such as yours that understands what Event Managers do!”
“I will definitely come to your agency again in the future. I am very impressed with your service and support.”
“Catalyst is the best recruiter we have ever worked with. Please find us more events staff!”
“Thanks again for your support this year. Your placement of events staff within our agency has worked out so well. We love our new member of staff.”
“Thank you so much for all your help in employing our Senior Events Manager and for providing some excellent candidates for us to choose from. We look forward to working with Catalyst again!”
“Thank you Catalyst for your professionalism and attention to detail in preparing me for my interview. It’s a rarity and very much appreciated!”
“I was recommended Catalyst by a friend. Thanks for all your support in getting me a job! Catalyst, you have well and truly lived up to your recommendations in the industry.”